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Train QCP CHess Engine!

Stockfish 10 got beaten by QCP. Lc0 lost a match too. QCP won a match vs Komodo. TheEnsemble got crushed by QCP with a score of 10-0. What next? I am going to continue training QCP, and you can do it too. Unfortunately, I cannot give you QCP becuase now it is private chess engine. But you can download SugarNN by the link: . Then, download files experience.bin and pawngame.bin (I'll upload them here, you will see them in "View files"). Rename experience.bin to book1.bin, pawngame.bin to book2.bin .Then you need chess GUI "Arena" installed. If you have "Arena", create an engines match and only wait. Sugar-NN generates training files, please, share then with me here.

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