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  • Name: Anti-Lichess Riot Email Verified
  • Public Username: Members of Anti-Lichess Riot
  • Bio: We are Russian-speaking players, and we are banned on Lichess. Lichess gave us an unfair ban, and we can't appeal it. Lichess has closed more than 50 (!) our accounts and more than 20 (!) our friends' accounts without a reason. Also Lichess closed strong teams, for example, "Quantium CP" Team was closed by moderators. When I asked moderators to reopen it, they declined my request, but there is SergeyVoronChess in team leaders and he could still manage my team. Lichess block people, who try to give people freedom. We have passed 3 (!) "revolutions" against Lichess and Lichess fans, which restrict other players' freedom. Lichess moderators also provoke religious and race conflicts. Some of Lichess developers are also involved in cyberattacks. For example, one of them attacked Televistar. We hope that one day we'll win this war against Lichess, we'll get unbanned and all players get freedom. Best regards, Quantium :) **************************************************************** P.S Our email "" is created to force players to send their appeals to us, and we'll know more about Lichess and moderators' sins.
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Lichess: All facts that you didn't know

Time To Read: 2 minutes or less

Lichess has lots of secrets. Most of them are moderation secrets: Moderators can do everything, and they have some tricks to prevent players from finding out the truth.

At first, moderators ARE NOT the most honest players of Lichess. Moderators are the richest players.
For example, just look at this player:
He was registered in 2020, October, 15. And he's a moderator. He has 0 posts on forum... But he has Lichess Patron.
And as I said, lichess thies to hide this. Here is the screenshot:
Lichess doesn't show that this moderator has bought Lichess Patron.

Moderators are violating Lichess rules. That's strange, but that's real. Here is a team that violates three rules:
I mean public shaming, insulting and trolling. But the description is telling the truth.
Also, @glbert is a moderator, but he has 5 banned accounts and he violates rules. Other moderarors don't close this team... Because glbert is a moderator!

That's sad, but fair Lichess teams are closed. For example my team:
We had our own chess book, we were hosting the biggest Lichess League (PPV League contained 302 teams, when Quarantane-League had only 280 teams).

Next fact is exaclty about the leagues. Lichess has closed my team just before advertising @jeffforever's Quarantane-League as the biggest one.

Then we see that Lichess is protecting some players that are violating rules. There were two players - @DrChessshtern and @SergeyAZ, and they are scams! They are fake sponsors, they don't pay the prizes. After a month of reporting them, Lichess hadn't banned them. Then my friend decided to create a forum post:
And what do you think? That post got closed!

Lichess has much more tricks, and I'll talk you about few more tricks later. Now I'm looking for new information about bad moderators of Lichess.

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