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FishInD: Part 2

Time To Read: 2 minutes or less

I had all programms, but the last I need to download was Cmake and Clang.
Cmake setup was sucessful (Download CMake: )
But all happened when I tried to download Clang. I downloaded it from GitHub (The link on official site pushed you to GutHub). Then, I need to build .sln file.
First problem was with Visual Studio. I hadn't got all plugins so I should reinstall Visual Studio.
Then, I build those 517 files (About 6GB). It was too slow. But then, at file 423, compilation stopped. I couldn't close Visual Studio. One solution was:
Taskkill VisualStudio.exe
Then, I decided to remove all folder with Clang.
I couldn't delete it. There was 1 folder with nothing in it, but I couldn't delete it.
Then, I started my PC in a Safe Mode, but I had a problem with kernel32.dll and HAL.dll and Blue Screen Of Death.
I started my PC in user mode. I need to update drivers.I downloaded drivers from official Microsoft website. Then, I started Safe Mode and deleted Clang.
All was OK, but I decided to start CCleaner to remove registry issues. There was about 1500 registry issues!
P.S I checked those files on
Anywhere, FishInD is still alive. I've rewritten search files. Soon I'll rewrite calculation files.

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