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FishInD: History of programm! Part 1

I decided to rewrite Stockfish using D language in October, 2019. It's trendy - lots of developers train their programming skills while rewriting some programs.
Why did I choose D? I chose D because it has better optimization instead of C++, faster compilators, and main idea in D was using RAM without bugs and to use RAM faster. Also, D supports CUDA/CUDNN/OpenCL so you can run D programs in D on your videocard. So D is better that C++.
First I decided to download useful tools (you can use this post to start programming in D!):
Visual Studio 2019 (You need it to install Visual D, and compile some .sln if you will learn C++ too)
Visual D - IDE Plugin for Visual Studio.
DMD - Official D Compiler.
GDC - Compiler based on GCC
LDC - Compiler based on LLVM
DMC - Compiler for old D projects.
Use DMD to compile little projects, LDC for Android support, GDC for big projects, and DMC to compile old projects.
Read (DMC isn't at list)
... Read Next Part (I'll post it in 2 days)

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